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Roofing General Liability

We have dozens of different programs and policies to choose from.  If you need open roof coverage, hot tar, torch down, overspray, or any specialty roofers insurance we can help you.

We tailor each policy to meet the size, scope, operations for our roofers.  If you are only doing small repairs why pay thousand’s for insurance when you need a simple policy.  Likewise, if you are doing new tract homes you might need the best insurance money can buy to meet the needs of the general contractor or home builders.


Roofing Workers Compensation insurance is very difficult for roofers to get approved and expensive.  The reason is because workers compensation insurance is controlled by the states.  There is also a 22 year tail liability period once someone is injured on the job.  So if someone is hurt today they have 22 years to get assistance and workers comp help. 

We have all sorts of options- traditional roofing workers compensation insurance, roofing peo coverage, roofing ghost work comp, and many other options.


Roofers commercial auto insurance is very important coverage.  Anytime you start using a vehicle for business you need a commercial auto insurance.  When you haul goods or materials, employees or customers in your vehicle you need higher limits of liability and coverage. 

A business auto policy is the most likely policy to be exhausted in a claim.  Make sure you carry $1,000,000 in coverage for your business autos.

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We all understand the need to minimize insurance costs but when you have a claim you are going to want the best coverage money can buy. We try to balance the price that you want to pay with the coverage that you need. Don’t buy more coverage than you need! If you have a question please ask. We love to educate our clients about the real coverage they have. There is no grey area with us. YOU KNOW YOU’RE COVERED!

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