Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance is very important.  If you are using vehicles like your truck, a trailer, or a large crane the risk of having a claim is a lot higher than if you are just driving from point a to point b.  Anytime you use a vehicle for business the risk is basically at least double in the eyes of most insurance companies.  When you load your vehicle down with people, tools, equipment, and trailers your trucks start to turn into risks that need to be managed correctly.  Commercial auto insurance is the most likely policy to be fully exhausted by a claim.

Commercial Auto Endorsements

Hired Auto

Hired auto endorsement covers vehicles you loan, rent or lease and use during the normal course of business.

Non Owned Auto

Non owned auto insurance endorsement covers employees and other people who use their own vehicles during the course of their duties for your business.

Broadened Auto Endorsement

This endorsement is very important.  It broadens the insurance coverage in a lot of ways.

Commercial Auto Discounts

GL or BOP Policy

General liability or a business owners policy relieves some stress on the auto insurance company because of the large broad nature of general liability insurance or a business owners policy.

Prior Auto Coverage

Having any type of prior auto insurance including personal auto for a spouse, or even someone else living in the same residence, and of commercial auto insurance also counts.  Get your loss runs if you can so you can really make sure we get you all the discounts you are eligible for.

Clean Driving History

This is huge.  A Dui or string of tickets is going to drive your auto insurance through the roof.  It might even put you out of business if you have a fleet of trucks.

Clean Credit Report

Clean Credit is a large indicator used by auto insurance companies to predict driving behavior and behind the wheel responsibility.

CDL-The Secret Discount

That's right a commercial driver's license shows the commercial auto insurance companies that you know how to drive!  You literally took a written test to prove it!  This commercial auto discount helps a lot.

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