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I got a question from a Pennsylvania roofer today and thought I should blog about it.

Roofing Insurance Coverage

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"I have a quick question about general liability insurance coverage and need your advice on it.

We do roof repairs for homeowners sometimes after they lose a few shingles from wind. When should we not repair a shingle roof? When could we be putting ourselves at risk for a liability claim and if a claim were to arise what scenario would that claim be at risk for denial?

For Example: 3 tab shingles rated at 60 MPH do not meet current building code wind speed requirements in Pennsylvania of 115 MPH MAXIMUM ULTIMATE DESIGN WIND SPEED as required by 2015 IRC that is currently required in PA.

We have requests to repair these specific roofs but I am concerned about performing a repair that doesn't meet building code.

If we were to repair a 3 tab roof with 3 tab shingles would we be in violation or at risk should a liability event happen? What is your advice?"

Roofing Blog Answer

When people ask for coverage questions in an email my answers have to withstand the test of time so I need to always think before I respond.  My immediate answer is you’re liable for anything you touch.  If you are the last person there who do you think the homeowner is going to look for remedy when their three tab non code shingle blows off again? Also faulty workmanship which this type of claim could be considered and every attorney adds to their case is not covered by insurance.  I have seen three or four claims go through in different states and the judge sided with the homeowner.  I think it’s best to steer clear of issues like this.  Remember your deductible is $5,000 so your responsible for that before any claim is filed.  I have personally seen claims for $2,400; $3,200; $4,500 against roofers in small claims court even though the repairs were emergency in the middle of the storm type repairs that later failed because of poor materials.   I know it’s hard to turn work down but you don’t want to pay for someone’s new roof when all they would do is let you repair it even when you told them they needed a new one with new code approved shingles.

If you have questions about roofing insurance coverage please give me a call.

Josh Cotner, CRIS

Construction Risk & Insurance Specialist