Roofing General Liability

Roofers need general liability insurance due to the unique exposures they face.  When roofers tear off a roof they need to have a tarp ready in case of rain.  Many insurance companies try to exclude coverage for open roofs to keep the price down.  If a contractor is trying to keep their insurance premiums in check they often try unique tactics to avoid paying unnecessarily high premiums.

Open Roofing Coverage

If you tear off a roof on any structure you need open roof coverage on your roofing insurance.  We have several coverages from $50,000; $100,000; $1,000,000 in open roof or tear off coverage.

Hot Roofing Coverage

If you are doing any hot tar or torch down welding you know you need this coverage.  Single ply and membrane contractors don't realize this but they too have hot roofing exposure.  The way some roofing insurance policies are written, hot roofing means any heat applied roofing materials to hot air welders.  It is very broad language so make sure if you are doing any hot roofing you have the coverage on your policy.

Condo Coverage

If you are doing work on condominiums there are several different coverages available.  The best insurance policies will cover condominiums automatically but some lower cost policies you can buyback the condo coverage.

Tract Home Coverage

If you are building new tract homes for large home builders you need specialty roofing insurance.  Large home builders want every single endorsement and coverage in order to transfer risk from them and their shareholders to the roofing contractor, or the roofing insurance company.  So if you are doing tract homes expect to have premium insurance coverage and all the endorsements possible.

5,000 sq ft homes or larger

If you are doing large mansions you need special insurance coverage.  Any time a millionaire has an issue their attorney will immediately seek remedy in court.  That means you will get sued for anything and everything.  If you are roofing large homes buy the right insurance coverage.

Large Commercial Buildings 20,000 sq ft or more.

If you are doing large roofing projects you need large amount of roofing insurance.  We have excess insurance or umbrella insurance policies that will cover any size building.

Overspray Insurance

If you are installing spray foam roofing or roof coatings you need overspray insurance coverage.  Make sure you get the right insurance coverage for your roofing business.